PPG to Introduce PPG SOLARON BLUE PROTECTION UV+ Blocking Technology for Aircraft Windows

PPG (NYSE:PPG) announced that it has developed breakthrough technology for aircraft windows that significantly blocks harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation and high-energy visible (HEV) light to help protect aircrews, passengers and aircraft interiors from solar radiation. PPG windows with PPG SOLARON BLUE PROTECTION™ UV+ blocking technology block 99% of UVA and UVB radiation and more than 50% of HEV (blue) light.

“UV radiation exposure increases about 11% for every 3,300-foot (1,006-meter) increase in altitude,” said Brent Wright, PPG global director, aerospace transparencies. “At flight altitudes for jet aircraft, the radiation threat is approximately three times the exposure at sea level. PPG windows with PPG Solaron Blue Protection UV+ blocking technology help protect people and interior aircraft components from harmful radiation without the optical, structural and other window properties being affected.”

While today’s aircraft windows already block some solar radiation, windows incorporating PPG Solaron Blue Protection UV+ blocking technology will offer a higher level of protection across a broader range of threats. The new technology is incorporated into PPG’s windows at the time of manufacture and can be applied to cockpit and cabin windows.

“PPG windows with PPG Solaron Blue Protection UV+ blocking technology offer comprehensive protection in the most threatening part of the UV and blue light portions of the light spectrum,” said Wright. “In aircraft equipped with windows featuring the new technology, flight crews and passengers are afforded enhanced protection inside the cockpit and cabin with no sacrifice to their outside view.”

To learn more, view PPG’s new two-minute video about the benefits of windows with PPG Solaron Blue Protection UV+ blocking technology on the PPG aerospace website at and on YouTube at

Paris Air Show visitors can see a flight-deck window for an Airbus A320 Family jetliner with PPG Solaron Blue Protection UV+ blocking technology at the PPG exhibit at Hall 2b Stand F94. The Paris Air Show is June 17-23 at Le Bourget.

PPG’s global aerospace business offers coatings, sealants, transparencies, packaging and application systems, and transparent armor, as well as chemical management and other services. For more information, visit

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