Ultradur® – one fits all by BASF

Ultradur® – one fits all by BASF

  • Extension of PBT portfolio by Ultradur® B6551 LNI for extrusion
  • Ultradur® B6560 M2 FC TF – The first PBT for extrusion and thermoforming 

On the occasion of this year’s K fair, BASF will launch and present its new product Ultradur®B6551 LNI for extrusion and the worldwide first thermoformable PBT Ultradur® B6560 M2 FC TF. An interdisciplinary team of chemists, physicists, and engineers developed the products from lab to reality.

Both new grades combine all the well-known characteristics of the Ultradur® family like high melting point, low water uptake, high dimensional stability and good barrier properties. Though, up to now the melt strength of PBT was not sufficient to make it a preferred product for extrusion. By connecting and branching the polymer chains via tailor-made additives the experts of BASF gained a very high melt strength. This makes the Ultradur® B6551 LNI the perfect material for pipes, profiles and mandrels – and the Ultradur® B6560 M2 FC TF the material of choice for extrusion of films and thermoforming of packaging or technical parts. The excellent processability was confirmed by our innovative partner ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG. The family business with its headquarters in Heilbronn/Germany is a leading global supplier of thermoforming systems and mold systems for thermoplastics.

Both grades now offer good mechanical properties, are easy to colour, even foaming is possible. This outstanding property profile combined with BASF’s many years of application experience and established technical expertise make Ultradur® B6551 LNI and Ultradur®B6560 M2 FC TF strong and stable materials suitable for use in a wide range of extrusion applications across several industries. The Ultradur® of BASF is reliable concerning quality and availability. Its backward integration from the monomers to the final product offers the highest safety and continuous production process. The material is produced in Schwarzheide, Germany, and is available worldwide with respect to the national regulation

Source: BASF

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