New Colors & Effects® pigments meet emerging industry requirements at K2019 by BASF

  • Maximized brilliance with Lumina® Royal Amber and Russet and unmatched jetness with Microlen® Piano Black
  • New high-performance Sicopal® pigments meet emerging industry requirements for process reliability, durability and recycling materials
  • BASF’s Colors and Effects® brand will showcase those and more innovations in a special Color Collection created by Pantone® Color Institute that addresses the latest color and design requirements for the plastics industry

BASF will present innovation highlights from its broad range of Colors & Effects® pigments for plastic applications at the K trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, from October 16th to 23th, in hall 5 at booth C41. The new product launches include two new Lumina® Royal effect pigments, Microlen® Piano Black, and a black and red addition to the Sicopal® product line, which are especially recommended for recycling materials and demanding applications. Featuring these latest innovations as well as other key pigment chemistries, BASF’s Colors and Effects brand will reveal a customized Color Collection created by Pantone®. Comprised of three palettes with seven colors each, the collection will highlight current consumer trends and address how pigments can meet the plastic industry’s versatile colorant requirements with safe, reliable and brilliant performance.

“With our pipeline of current and future pigment innovations, we have set a special focus on meeting emerging industry requirements.” says Christof Kujat, New Business Development Manager, Pigments for Plastics. “Our research and development covers the broad plastics industry, from packaging and consumer goods to automotive and fibers. We require unmatched pigment performance in order to achieve high safety standards as well as chemistries that enable durable chemical performance and coloristic brilliance.”

By unveiling two new pigments in the Lumina Royal family, the Colors & Effects brand broadens the brilliant color space. Lumina Royal Russet enables new vibrant, high- chroma red shades and provides greater formulation flexibility, while Lumina Royal Amber promises strong sparkle for attractive bronze, orange, golden and red effect shades. Both effect pigments meet with broad, global food compliance standards, taking on a dual function by performing safely and brilliantly. Stepping outside of the world of chromatic pigments, BASF introduces a new black pigment to meet the industry’s requirement for a consistently deeper and darker shade. With Microlen Piano Black, customers can expect unmatched jetness, outstanding dispersion for excellent mechanical properties. Microlen Piano Black enables the deepest and most enduring black for high-end plastic design.

With Sicopal Red K 3050 FK, the industry will have a new pigment chemistry available that extends the durable red color space. Due to its high temperature and chemical stability, the pigment performance stands up to the most demanding applications, including engineering plastics. Building on the Sicopal Black technology, a new member of the pigment family is announced, optimized for use in recycling materials. With best in class near-infrared (NIR) reflective properties, it solves the current industry need for recyclable black plastics that can pass through infrared sorting at materials recycling facilities.

Visit the Colors and Effects brand website for more information about pigments for plastic designs that perform safely, reliably and brilliantly.

Source: BASF

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