Braskem to enhance its Unilene® portfolio with low-odor resin

The new grade, which meets the demands of the paint and adhesives industry, will be launched during Feica, the industry’s largest event in Europe

In line with its commitment to offer the most complete line of chemical solutions , Braskem announces during Feica, the largest trade fair in Europe’s adhesives and sealants industry, the evolution of its portfolio of Unilene® hydrocarbon resins, which now has a ‘LN’ line of low-odor C9 resins. The fair will be held from September 11 to 13 in Croatia.

With annual production capacity of 5,000 tons, Unilene® LN is the result of enhancements to the production process that enabled Braskem to obtain a naphthalene content of less than 100 parts per million. The development satisfies the demands of the paint and adhesives industries and ensures lower odor in both manufacturing processes and end products.

Used widely in the adhesives market in hotmelt, PSA and solvent base technologies, Unilene® hydrocarbon resins, which are available in various softening points, feature high fixing and tack performance, improve application time and are compatible with various polymers, such as natural rubber, SBR and polychloroprene.

The new grade also features what the Unilene® line already offers clients: faster drying times and adherence to various substrates, as well as high gloss and solid content, while also being considered a water repellent agent. Its chemical stability facilitates handling and compatibility with various polymers, while its high purity ensures resins with high performance for industrial applications.

Annik Varela, Head of Speciality Chemicals Sales at Braskem, explains that this latest evolution in the Unilene® line, which already is well consolidated in the market, expands possibilities. “As the leading hydrocarbon resin producer in Latin America, we listen to our clients’ needs so that we can work together on finding the best solutions. We’re very satisfied with this evolution in our portfolio that brings speciality chemicals that enhance productivity and leverage competitiveness in the industry,” she said. 

Developed by the specialties team and chemical engineers at Braskem’s plant located in the ABC Petrochemical Complex, the Unilene® LN solution already is available for sale in Latin America, United States, Asia and Europe, as well as in Brazil.

Source: Braskem

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