Mitsui Chemicals to Develop Water-Soluble Antibacterial, Anti-Mold Agent for resins, textiles, water-based paints and adhesives

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: Tsutomu Tannowa) announced that it has worked in conjunction with CycloChem Bio Co., Ltd. (Kobe, Japan; President: Kunihiro Terao) to develop YOHTOL™ DP-CD, a product formed by adding new capabilities to the YOHTOL™ DP95 of iodine-based anti-mold agents manufactured and sold by Mitsui Chemicals.

Made by combining Mitsui Chemicals’ iodine-based anti-mold agent YOHTOL™ DP95 with cyclodextrin from CycloChem Bio, YOHTOL™ DP-CD is a new antibacterial, anti-mold aqueous solution with the properties of water solubility, light resistance, heat resistance and antibacterial performance. With these coming on top of the same high anti-mold capabilities provided by the existing YOHTOL™ DP95, expectations are for the product to find use in a variety of new applications. Mitsui Chemicals intends going forward to market this for use with the likes of resins, textiles, water-based paints and adhesives, helping to further improve living conditions.

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YOHTOL™ DP95 (powder)                                           YOHTOL™ DP-CD(aqueous solution)

Overview of YOHTOL™ DP95(active ingredient: diiodomethyl-p-tolyl sulfone (DMTS))

Mitsui Chemicals began production and sales in 1985 for YOHTOL™ DP95, an anti-mold agent that excels at inhibiting the breeding of a wide range of mold species. The product is used in wood preservation, paints, leather, wallpaper and more. YOHTOL™ DP95 is registered on a positive list for anti-mold agents by the Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA), and its active ingredient, DMTS, is similarly registered on a positive list run by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Overview of New Product YOHTOL™ DP-CD

YOHTOL™ DP-CD is a new antibacterial, anti-mold aqueous solution made by encapsulating YOHTOL™ DP95 with CycloChem Bio’s cyclodextrin, which is a type of cyclic oligosaccharide. Cyclo-encapsulating in this manner has been found to successfully grant water solubility while also improving light resistance and heat resistance.

On top of its anti-mold properties, YOHTOL™ DP-CD has been found to also possess antibacterial qualities with regard to various bacteria, including Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The one agent can therefore prove effective against a wide range of bacteria and mold varieties. And so in addition to the wood preservatives, dispersing agents, adhesives and other existing applications available with YOHTOL™ DP95, the new product also has potential in a wide range of other uses. Examples here are water-based paints, resin and textile applications.

Anti-Mold and Antibacterial Performance of YOHTOL™ DP Series

(Internal test data; MIC test by way of liquid culture; Test laboratory: Center for Fungal Consultation Japan)


*MIC: The minimum concentration of a substance able to inhibit the breeding of microbes. The lower the value is, the lower the concentration needed to inhibit breeding.
-The above values refer to concentration of active ingredient DMTS. Further, these values represent data on the YOHTOL™ DP Series as a standalone product. If the product is combined with other ingredients, it will be necessary to remeasure antibacterial performance and other such values.
-These values are meant to serve as a reference; they are not a guarantee.

Source: Mitsui Chemicals

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