Sun Chemical to Showcase Groundbreaking Pigment and Resin Technology at ABRAFATI 2019

Sun Chemical to Showcase Groundbreaking Pigment and Resin Technology at ABRAFATI 2019

Sun Chemical’s Performance Pigments and Advanced Materials divisions will showcase a full spectrum of pigment and resin technologies at ABRAFATI 2019, including a groundbreaking new aluminum preparation for powder coatings and new additions to its phthalocyanine blue product line.

Visitors of Sun Chemical’s booth located in Aisle D, Stand 2 will also learn about key investments in product line expansions to meet the needs and trends of the marketplace.

“ABRAFATI is an opportunity for Sun Chemical to demonstrate the many ways in which our versatile range of tailor-made solutions can help customers deliver coatings with exciting color options and exceptional performance properties,” said Mehran Yazdani, President of Sun Chemical Performance Pigments and Advanced Materials. “We look forward to showing how our newest products and investments are delivering solutions tailor-made to meet our customers’ needs in Latin America.”

Sun Chemical Debuts Groundbreaking Advancement for Powder Coatings

Sun Chemical’s new Benda Lutz® COMPAL PC aluminum preparations for powder coatings will be on display at the booth. Developed for dry blending and bonding to deliver excellent appearance and performance, the groundbreaking technology’s pelletized form virtually eliminates dusting to minimize housekeeping, simplifies equipment clean-up and improves worker exposure.

The pellet form is not classified as hazardous for shipping and storage in the European Union, United States, China and other regions. It is also not classified as hazardous by the International Air Transportation Association and International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code. It is shipped in compact bag-in-box packaging that is eco-friendly and recyclable.

Sun Chemical’s Vitor Brito, an account manager at Sun Chemical Performance Pigments, will deliver a presentation at ABRAFATI about COMPAL PC entitled “Versatile Pelletized Aluminum for Powder Coatings” in the “Pigment Auditorium” on October 2nd from 10:45 a.m. to 11:25 p.m.

Sun Chemical Expands Production of Key High Performance Pigments

New advancements in high performance pigment chemistries and an expanded range of color options will be on display at Sun Chemical’s booth, including Palomar Blue 15 248-4848. This high strength phthalocyanine blue specifically developed for automotive OEM applications is designed to have a highly desirable green flop color in metallic coatings. It is non-flocculating, non-crystalizing and has excellent rheological and lightfastness characteristics. To meet the market demands for these phthalo blue pigments, Sun Chemical and DIC Corporation will expand production capacity at DIC Corporation’s Karawang, Indonesia plant.

Sun Chemical will highlight its range of Perrindo Maroon 179 pigments featuring the benchmark transparency that is vital to producing modern, high chromatic metallic red finishes and offering excellent light and weather fastness.  Easy to disperse, Perrindo Maroon 179 pigments are compatible in water and solventborne systems.

Sun Chemical to Highlight Polymer Solutions

A wide range of polymer solutions for the coatings market will also be on display, including Sun Chemical Advanced Materials’ new series of cobalt free driers for paints. Optimized for solventborne and water-based systems, the DICNATE SG-series of manganese-based driers provide strong drying performance—even without auxiliary driers.

Sun Chemical’s WATERSOL® AC Series offers a broad range of waterborne acrylic emulsions for plastic and metal coatings. For example, WATERSOL® AC 3080 is a waterborne acrylic emulsion for common plastics, metal and glass coatings. It is designed for 2K single layer coatings and provides universal adhesion as well as exceptional metallic pigment orientation.

Sun Chemical’s polyester polyols for reactive hot melts are available in amorphous, liquid and crystalline varieties. The FINEPLUS® HM series features exceptional flexibility, quality, as well as adhesion to various substrates, such as metal, plastics, textiles and glass, and can be used for aeronautical, automotive, naval, medical and packaging applications.

Sun Chemical’s BURNOCK® AC Series is comprised of a wide variety of solventborne acrylics for various coatings on plastic. BURNOCK® AC 1651 is a solventborne acrylic that features best-in-class adhesion to untreated polypropylene, specifically EPDM-modified types and other common plastic substrates, such as ABS, PC, PS, PMMA, PVC and many more. Additionally, BURNOCK AC 1651 exhibits optimized resistance to water, humidity and chemicals.

Ideal for major applications in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, tooling and adhesives industries, Sun Chemical’s EPICLON epoxy resins impart high-performance composites with unmatched heat and water resistance, toughness and excellent adhesion and come with difunctional, trifunctional and tetrafunctional varieties.

To learn more about Sun Chemical’s wide range of pigment and advanced materials technology that will be on display during ABRAFATI 2019 in in São Paulo, Brazil on October 1-3, 2019, visit Sun Chemical’s booth located in Aisle D, Stand 2.

Source: Sun Chemical

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