X-Rite’s New Spectrophotometer MA-5 QC to Improve Color Evaluation Accuracy on Metallic and Effect Finishes

The new MA-5 QC multi-angle spectrophotometer allows quality control managers across the supply chain to quickly verify and ensure color harmony of product parts during manufacturing and final assembly.

X-Rite Incorporated and Pantone LLC, global leaders in color science and technology, today launched the MA-5 QC, a compact and easy-to-operate multi-angle spectrophotometer for the measurement of metallic paint colors and effect finishes commonly used in the automotive, appliance, plastics, and electronics industries. This cost-effective five-angle color measurement instrument is the fastest on the market, allowing quality controllers to quickly verify and prove product compliance with quantifiable color measurement data. The MA-5 QC can identify a paint defect early in the manufacturing process, avoid unnecessary repair costs, and ultimately improve time to market.

“Part suppliers and assembly operators take hundreds of color measurements a day and cumbersome or heavy measurement devices result in incorrect color measurements, increased waste, and slower time to market,” said Matthew Adby, Automotive Product Portfolio Manager, X-Rite. “Designed with the quality control operator in mind, the MA-5 QC streamlines the measurement process by incorporating indicator lights for proper positioning, automated workflows, and on-screen pass/fail reporting. At 1.3 pounds (.60 kilograms), the MA-5 QC is 50 percent lighter and 45 percent more compact than other five-angle device on the market, and is easier to handle and operate on the production floor, in the lab, and in the field.”

The new MA-5 QC aims to improve user confidence in accurately measuring special effect paints and finishes. New optics and LED indicator lights on the MA 5 QC ensure the device is correctly positioned on flexible or curved surfaces and in tight intersections. This reduces the potential for measurement errors. A touch screen interface, straightforward navigation, data analysis, and one-click reporting, make the MA-5 QC simple to use so quality control operators can quickly compare sample readings against digital specifications.

The MA-5 QC is the first instrument on the market to include an on-screen temperature preview to help users identify how the temperature of the sample might affect color data. Unlike other multi-angle devices which require daily calibration, the MA-5 QC has a 21-day calibration interval for improved efficiency and reduced device downtime. The MA-5 QC also digitally communicates tolerances and measurement procedures with X-Rite EFX QC software for real-time monitoring of color harmony across the supply chain.

“Companies adopting Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing strategies can use the MA-5 QC along with EFX QC software for a comprehensive quality control solution for greater efficiency, reduced waste, and faster color evaluation on product parts. Advanced tracking of measurement data and analysis allows operators to identify trends for continued process improvements,” stated Adby.

The MA-5 QC is now available. For more information visit

Source: X-Rite

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