BYK to Present Innovative Functional Filler for Automobile Industry at K 2019

With its latest innovation for thermoplastics, BYK contributes to serving the growing demand for sustainable solutions and enabling developments related to the needs of the automobile industry for lightweight construction. At K 2019 (Booth E17, Hall 5, October 16 to 23, Dusseldorf), the world’s no. 1 trade show for plastics, BYK presents TDS_BYK-MAX_CT_4270_EN. The additive provides an extremely efficient reinforcement strategy for lightweight thermoplastic compounds .

This innovation is part of a new group of thermoplastic additives launched under the trade name “BYK-MAX”. Based on an organo-modified phyllosilicate, it is designed as a functional filler to replace talc, glass fibre or other traditional minerals in TPO-based automobile parts.

With ultra-efficient reinforcement and low dosage, BYK-MAX CT 4270 allows for lower total mineral content, reducing the final compound density and expanding the design window. Ultimately, this leads to significant weight reduction in the final part and dramatically improved scratch and mar profile compared to parts produced with traditional fillers based on talc.

Additionally, the additive improves the final product’s surface appearance, the mold flow and dimensional stability.

Credit: BYK

At K 2019, BYK invites international trade professionals to experience its extensive portfolio of high-performance additives and tailored solutions for plastic materials, designed to optimize their manufacturing and to fully utilize material potential. Besides thermoplastics, BYK additives are suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive, PVC, wind power and flame retardancy.

Source: BYK

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