Top 20 Most Read Articles of October 2019 on PCE-Paints and Coatings Expert

Top 20 Most Read Articles of October 2019 on PCE-Paints and Coatings Expert

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AkzoNobel to launch recycled paint to help close loop on waste


AkzoNobel has become the first major manufacturer to launch recycled paint thanks to a ground-breaking partnership in the UK with resource management experts Veolia. Read more


PPG to Report Third Quarter 2019 Financial Results: Net sales of approximately $3.8 billion

PPG today reported third quarter 2019 net sales of approximately $3.8 billion, comparable with the prior year. Read more


Dispex® Ultra PX 4290: A new universal dispersing agent for organic and inorganic pigments by BASF

BASF has recently launched a new high molecular weight dispersing agent: Dispex® Ultra PX 4290, which features excellent performance in pigment stabilization, outstanding color strength and brilliant viscosity reduction. Read more


Porous Polymer Coatings: Dynamically Control Light and Heat

Buildings devote more than 30% of their energy use to heating, cooling, and lighting systems. Passive designs such as cool roof paints have gone a long way toward reducing this usage, and its impact on the environment and climate, but they have one key limitation—they are usually static, and thus not responsive to daily or seasonal changes. Read more


A new, natural wax coating to make garments water-resistant and breathable

Aalto University researchers have developed a new way of making garments water-resistant with wax obtained from Brazilian palm tree leaves. The treatment is non-toxic and doesn’t impair breathability. Read more


ALTANA to take over business of Office Color Science Company, entering Software as a Service domain

The specialty chemicals group ALTANA takes over the international business of Office Color Science Co., Ltd. headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. Within the ALTANA Group, the business will be integrated into the Instruments business line of the BYK division (BYK-Gardner) and marketed as BYK-Gardner V/R Solutions.  Read more


allnex to showcase its green coating technology at CHINACOAT 2019

allnex will provide green and innovative applications and a variety of samples on display to show our remarkable ability to support our clients in offering the leading coating resins solutions. Read more


Axalta Releases Third Quarter 2019 Results: Net sales of $1,107.0 million decreased 3.4% year-over-year

Third quarter net sales of $1,107.0 million decreased 3.4% year-over-year, including a 2.0% negative foreign currency impact and negative 1.8% inorganic impact primarily associated with the second quarter 2019 sale of our interest in a consolidated China powder JV. Read more


Hexion to launch its latest high-performance epoxy dispersion and hybrid epoxy/polysiloxane resin at ABRAFATI

Hexion Inc. (“Hexion” or the “Company”) continues to gain traction with its newly released coatings products. The Company will launch its latest high-performance epoxy dispersion, EPI-REZ™ Resin 7720-W-50 and a hybrid epoxy/polysiloxane resin, EPOSIL™ Resin 5550, in the Latin American market at the ABRAFATI trade show from Oct. 1-3 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Read more


Sun Chemical to Present High Performance Pigments for Architectural Coatings at Western Coatings Show

During the 2019 Western Coatings Show, Dr. Nilanjan Chakrabarti will present Sun Chemical’s latest innovations of organic quinacridone red and phthalocyanine blue pigments for architectural coatings. Read more


RUDN University chemists to obtain new material for antibacterial food coatings based on natural polymer chitosan

RUDN University chemists have developed a simple and convenient method for producing derivatives of the natural polymer chitosan. These derivatives are non-toxic and have a pronounced antibacterial activity at the level of modern antibiotics. These substances can be used in the production of antibacterial protective films for food. The article is published in the journal Food Chemistry. Read more


Seeing plastic waste as a resource: Covestro plans to promote a circular economy

Seeing plastic waste as a valuable resource / Alternative raw materials to break away from crude oil / Fostering recycling through innovative processes. Read more


Chromaflo Technologies to Release new Chroma-Chem FLV Series for tinting epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic coatings

Chromaflo Technologies, the premier global provider of colorant technology solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the FLV Series – the next generation in colorants for tinting epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic coatings. Read more


Axalta to Introduce Next Edition of its Industrial Wood Coatings Color Trend Campaign, Wood Vibes: Moda

Axalta (NYSE: AXTA), a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, is excited to introduce a new edition of its industrial wood coatings trends campaign, Wood Vibes: Moda. Read more


Energy-efficient construction elements: Elastopir® Blue permits forward-looking construction with a better insulation value

Advanced insulation is key to effective climate protection. This also applies to industrial buildings, cold stores, deep-freeze warehouses and other commercial buildings. Read more


BYK to Present Innovative Functional Filler for Automobile Industry at K 2019

BYK presents TDS_BYK-MAX_CT_4270_EN. The additive provides an extremely efficient reinforcement strategy for lightweight thermoplastic compounds. Read more


X-Rite’s New Spectrophotometer MA-5 QC to Improve Color Evaluation Accuracy on Metallic and Effect Finishes

The new MA-5 QC multi-angle spectrophotometer allows quality control managers across the supply chain to quickly verify and ensure color harmony of product parts during manufacturing and final assembly.  Read more


Hydropalat®WE 3225: New silicone wetting agent with excellent defoaming performance by BASF

BASF has recently introduced a new silicone wetting agent: Hydropalat®WE 3225, which combines excellent substrate wetting with pronounced defoaming performance. Read more


WACKER’s NEXIVA®-Biocide-free, interior wall paints in powder form

With NEXIVA®, WACKER has developed a dispersible polymer powder that allows manufacturers to formulate interior wall paints in powder form. The innovative technology does not require the addition of biocides and offers key advantages when it comes to storing and transporting paints. Read more


Interpon Redox: AkzoNobel’s new powder coatings range for corrosion protection


Complex corrosion challenges just got effortlessly easy to tackle following the launch of a global range of high-performance primers from AkzoNobel’s Powder Coatings business. Read more

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