WACKER to Present Anti-Misting Release Coatings for High-Speed Coatings and Silicone Press-Sensitive Adhesive with High Reactivity

DEHESIVE® 982 AMA and DEHESIVE® 276 AMA are both solvent-free silicone release coatings. They cure rapidly and provide stable release properties. Thanks to the integrated AMA® anti-misting technology, they prevent misting at high coating speeds from 300 to 800 m/min or even higher which significantly improves the coating result. With a suitable viscosity for five or six roll coaters, both products provide good coverage on the substrate surface.

created by 'GRUENDEFRA (Franziska Gruendel) (Franziska Gruendel)' on uploading a pictureThanks to the integrated AMA® anti-misting technology, DEHESIVE® 982 AMA and DEHESIVE® 276 AMA prevent misting at high coating speeds. (Credit: WACKER)

DEHESIVE® 982 AMA features low release at low peel speeds. Increasing speed raises its release profile dynamically. The product’s special molecule structure makes it ideal for various downstream applications of pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) systems. It provides stable release, even with highly reactive PSA. Having an excellent anchorage to a wide variety of substrates, DEHESIVE® 982 AMA is suitable for both paper and filmic substrates. Moreover, the product also has a long pot life which allows easy operation during formulation preparation.

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Offering high adhesion, rapid curing and good stability, DEHESIVE® PSA 845R is ideal for the coating of protective films for electronic products and high-temperature tapes. (Credit: WACKER)

DEHESIVE® 276 AMA offers a very flat release profile. Low release forces are possible at high peel speeds. Due to its high reactivity, the product requires only small amounts of the platinum catalyst to cure fully. This significantly reduces the cost for release liner and label manufacturing.

During Labelexpo Asia 2019, WACKER will also showcase DEHESIVE® PSA 845R, a new solvent-based silicone PSA which has a solid content of 60%. With a viscosity of about 45000 mPa.s at 23°C, the product has an excellent initial tackiness. It also demonstrates good adhesion and effective adhesion adjustment to a wide range of substrates, such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyamide (PA) and polyimide (PI). DEHESIVE® PSA 845R cures rapidly and has a long pot life after complete mixing. It is moisture-resistant, weather-resistant and anti-aging and therefore ideal for the production of protective films for electronics and high temperature tapes.

Source: WACKER

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