KRAHN Chemie to start selling eco-friendly binders from Ecoat

The cooperation which has been in effect since the beginning of this year includes the promotion of a range of partly bio-based alkyd emulsions as well as alkyd urethane dispersions and covers the sales regions Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

Ecoat has set itself the goal of developing competitive and high-performing products for the coatings industry that are tailored to the needs of the market and at the same time show as much bio-based or rather renewable ingredients as possible. The bio-based alkyd emulsions which are marketed under the brand name SecoiaTM are particularly used for architectural and wood paints. The brand InokemTM includes both water-based alkyd emulsions primarily for eco-friendly decorative coatings as well as alkyd urethane dispersions especially used for decorative wood and metal coatings.

“The cooperation with Ecoat is an important part of our strategy to further focus on the aspect of sustainability in our future activities. As an ambitious newcomer on the market with unique technical capabilities Ecoat offers highly interesting products whose use makes a valuable contribution to the development of sustainable products and ideally complement our portfolio,” says Cristian Groenewegen, Managing Director KRAHN Chemie Benelux and responsible in the KRAHN Chemie Group Management Board for Sustainability.

Nicolas Florent, General Manager and Business Director at Ecoat, comments:

“KRAHN Chemie distinguishes itself through its key position, high competence and technical understanding in the field of coatings and paints. In addition to its well-structured and experienced sales network KRAHN is very well equipped with its two technical service centers specializing in a wide range of tests of paints and coatings. We look forward to offer our existing and future customers the entire added value associated with this cooperation.”

Source: KRAHN Chemie


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About Ecoat
Ecoat is an innovative company whose mission is to make the paint industry sustainable through technological innovations. It manufactures biosourced polymers that improve the carbon footprint of paints and provide higher quality for the end users.
Ecoat develops, produces and supplies bio based alkyd emulsions and alkyd urethane dispersions to the coating market focusing on architectural, metal and wood applications with dedicated solutions.
Through continuous investments in Research & Development and in its production plant Ecoat pursues a fast growth in Europe and Asia.


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