Mallard Creek Polymers to Continue to Invest as the American Coating Show Approaches

Mallard Creek Polymers, LLC. (MCP) has continued to increase its investment in the coatings and construction industries with R&D, Intellectual Property acquisition, and geographic expansion. Just before ACS 2018, the company had completed the acquisition of the Ecronova Polymers, GmbH intellectual property and created a new company, MCP Europe GmbH. The European subsidiary is almost two years into operation and has reintroduced more than 25 products back to the local market.

MCP North America has scaled up four Ecronova recipes, including Ecronova 6608, Ecronova 6620, Ecronova 6607, and Ecronova 6620. These grades demonstrate very small particle size, unique polymerization techniques to adjust particle morphology, ambient cure crosslinking technology and APEO free stabilization techniques. MCP has engaged in projects with customers to explore the combination of Ecronova technology and existing technology to introduce several new polymers for the coatings and construction markets including:

  • Rovene 6120 for high performance elastomeric roof coatings, exhibiting ambient cure crosslinking
  • Rovene 4043 for concrete mixtures requiring APEO free stabilization.
  • Rovene 6124 for a balance of cost and performance in elastomeric coatings, exhibiting particle morphology

MCP continues to invest in R&D personnel and improvements in the factory. The formation of MCP Europe added experienced application, analytical, and synthetic chemists, while in North America, the company has invested in continued growth with equipment and more importantly, the R&D team has increased by 20% since 2018. These investments are yielding an exciting pipeline of products, both for general market introduction and specific customer driven innovation. Many of these new products can be found in the Coatings Selection Guide and Construction Selection Guide.

Source: Mallard Creek Polymers

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