Evonik to launch new defoamer and dispersants for architectural paints

  • Cost-effective additive package for interior and exterior paints
  • Superior product performance

The formulation of architectural paints is and has always been a quite delicate business. To find a well-rounded and cost-effective combination of additives, pigments, and binders present a new challenge each time. To support paint formulators, the Coating Additives business line of Evonik introduces an entire portfolio of additives that makes formulation work easier.

One highlight is the newly developed TEGO® Foamex 9, a mineral-oil-based defoamer with long-term effectiveness and good compatibility with the coating. It can be incorporated during the grind or let-down stage. The new defoamer rounds off Evonik’s portfolio of siloxane defoamers, allowing the customer to choose the technology that is the best fitting for their formulations. This advantage is particularly important for coatings that come in huge quantities. Furthermore, customers have the chance to replace their currently used mineral oil defoamers more easily with this new grade. Besides architectural paints, TEGO® Foamex 9 can also be used in pigment concentrates.

In addition, Coating Additives is also highlighting three new cost-effective dispersing additives, all of which are suitable for inorganic pigments and fillers. TEGO® Dispers 711 W and 717 W are sodium salt polyacrylates with different molecular weights, and TEGO® Dispers 712 W is an ammonium salt polyacrylate. All three products offer good dispersibility and viscosity reduction as well as improved color acceptance.

With these four new products in place, Coating Additives offers its customers a broad portfolio for all paint formulations without compromising on product performance. Evonik thus addresses the needs in the segment of large volume paint production.

In the future, Coating Additives will further expand its additive portfolio for architectural coatings, based on the feedback of the formulators.


Source: Evonik

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