Hexion to Introduce New Lower Yellowing Epoxy System and Curing Agent

Hexion to Introduce New Lower Yellowing Epoxy System and Curing Agent

Hexion Inc. (“Hexion” or the “Company”) is launching both a new lower yellowing epoxy system for concrete protection and a unique amine curing agent to help coatings manufacturers meet lower indoor air emissions requirements while also reducing costs.

The INFINIUM™ Lower Yellowing Epoxy System is EPON LY™ Resin 1810 combined with EPIKURE LY™ Curing Agent 3801. This two-component, ambient-cure system offers five times lower yellowing while providing excellent epoxy performance and overnight cure.

“The INFINIUM™ System can be used as a single coatings layer to potentially replace two-layer coating systems, thus enabling faster application,” said James Bellinger, Business Director Epoxy, Americas. A single coat layer allows our customers to save time and money by significantly reducing application costs and provides an opportunity to increase margins.

With the growing importance of Green Building initiatives (e.g. United States Green Building Council’s LEED), coatings formulators need epoxy systems that meet the more stringent indoor air emissions requirements.  To meet this market need, Hexion is introducing a unique amine curing agent to the Americas market called EPIKURE™ Curing Agent 580.

“With the introduction of EPIKURE Curing Agent 580, we can offer customers a route to gain LEED points for lower indoor air emission coatings at affordable cost,” said Dan Weinmann, Market Development Manager, Epoxy Specialties. “This new curing agent also improves sustainability because it does not contain intentionally-added benzyl alcohol or nonylphenol.” 

To learn more about these new products, visit https://pages.hexion.com/epoxy2020.

Source: Hexion 

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