Faster Drying, Fewer Coats: New Lubrizol High Solids Polyurethane Dispersion Delivers Outstanding Coating Performance

Lubrizol introduces the commercial availability of Aptalon™ 8080HS, a new, high solids polyurethane dispersion. Its high solids content, along with the unique features of Lubrizol’s patented Aptalon™ polyamide technology, combine to provide coatings manufacturers with exciting benefits and opportunities for wood and metal applications:

  • Equal protection with fewer application coats. Aptalon 8080HS has 50% solids content, which enable the formulation of coatings with higher solids content. Coating formulators can now produce novel coatings that achieve desired film thickness in fewer coats, driving higher efficiency and faster return to service.
  • Fast drying. Aptalon 8080HS is capable of drying over 5 times faster than lower solids polyurethane dispersions, allowing significantly faster return to service.
  • Reduced VOC requirement. Aptalon 8080HS requires less VOC to formulate, providing environmental compliance and product labeling benefits.
  • Renewable content. With 35% renewable carbon content, Aptalon 8080HS addresses sustainability requirements with performance benefits.

“The unique combination of Lubrizol’s Aptalon technology and our capability to manufacture high solids polyurethane dispersions provides powerful capabilities for advanced coating formulations targeted at protecting wood and metal substrates”, shares Dan Latas, global marketing manager. “Aptalon 8080HS brings fresh opportunities for improved coatings that add value throughout the entire coatings supply chain, including coatings manufacturers, contractors, and end-users.”

Source: Lubrizol

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