Axalta to Host Shanghai Paint and Coating Enterprise Safety Conference at Jiading Plant

Axalta to Host Shanghai Paint and Coating Enterprise Safety Conference at Jiading Plant

Axalta (NYSE: AXTA), a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, hosted a paint and coating enterprise safety conference organized by the Shanghai Municipal Emergency Management Bureau.

The conference, which was held at Axalta’s Shanghai Jiading Plant, featured dynamic discussions on best practices to manage risk and improve safety levels in manufacturing facilities. Featured speakers from the industry, research institutes and government shared their management experiences and provided ideas and insights for safer and more sustainable manufacturing practices.

“We are pleased to provide the venue for the Shanghai paint and coatings enterprise safety seminar and the opportunity to share our industry-leading practices and expertise in safety management and sustainable operations,” said Victor Wang, Vice President of Operations, Axalta Asia Pacific. “We are happy to work together with other leaders to drive forward a better, safer, and more sustainable paint and coatings industry in China.”

At the conference, Axalta’s Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) team, discussed ways of working together with industry colleagues, safety experts and government representatives to improve levels of safety within the Shanghai paint and coatings industry. Axalta also hosted a tour of its Jiading plant and shared its production safety system and management experience.

Axalta’s Jiading Plant is an important waterborne coatings production base for Axalta in China. As one of the company’s models for sustainable production in China, the Jiading Plant integrates best practices and advanced technologies from other Axalta plants around the world, and adapts these for operations in China. From its scientific industrial manufacturing design, enclosed automatic production line, and lean on-site safety management, to its precise emission control, the plant embodies the company’s sustainable approach to production.

In April 2020, Axalta announced the expansion of its Jiading waterborne coatings plant to further strengthen the production capacity of environmentally responsible waterborne coatings.

Source: Axalta

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