allnex to Add New Set of UV-Curable Resins For Automotive and Plastics Applications to Its Portfolio

allnex to Add New Set of UV-Curable Resins For Automotive and Plastics Applications to Its Portfolio

allnex, a global leader in energy-curable technology for industrial, graphics, consumer electronics, plastics and special purpose coatings and inks, today announced the launch of three high performance multifunctional urethane acrylates: EBECRYL® 8606, EBECRYL® 8314, and EBECRYL® 8315. Thanks to their excellent hardness, chemical resistance and flexibility properties, they are an ideal choice for post cure manipulation applications, for in-mold labeling decoration, as well as paint protection film applications.

”This set of innovative resins bridge the gap between thermoplastics and thermoset performance in a UV-curable solution. They provide design freedom for formulators to customize their formulations for different end uses that demand bending, stretching or forming in shape. These resins also show outstanding DEET, sunscreen and hand lotion resistances and abrasion resistance according to automotive interior testing requirements”, explained Yan Lee, Global Marketing Manager Consumer Electronics & Industrial Plastics at allnex.

Key benefits and features of EBECRYL® 8606, EBECRYL 8314, and EBECRYL 8315 include:
Outstanding toughness and resiliency

  • Allows post UV cure forming from mild to deep draws (2.5 cm)
  • Excellent weatherability for outdoor application
  • Good abrasion resistance, with self-healing properties for minor scratches
  • Excellent gloss retention after different chemical tests

Source: allnex

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