TAUBMANS paint by PPG to release game-changing COLOURSMITH colour-creation technology

TAUBMANS® paint by PPG  released its revolutionary COLOURSMITH™ app and website, which allow consumers to create their own bespoke paint colours from a physical or visual source using seamless integration of colour matching and visualisation technologies.

Both platforms enable users to create their own paint colour from an image or the brand’s colour library, while the app also allows colours to be created from physical objects and surfaces. Before ordering a sample pot of Taubmans paint via the app or website, users can digitally paint a selection of three-dimensional rooms to experience their colour virtually.

The Coloursmith app, available from Google Play and the Apple App Store, converts any smartphone* camera into a colour scanner that can be used anywhere and at any time to create bespoke paint colours. When combined with the Coloursmith Window – a small, but powerful colour measurement card – or paired by Bluetooth with the Coloursmith Reader – a professional tool that enables superior colour matching – the colour captured through the app is exponentially more precise. Both tools can be purchased via the app, website and in-store.

“A game-changer for consumers and the paint industry, the Coloursmith technology represents a global business shift to intelligent digital tools,” said Anne Neeson, PPG general manager, architectural coatings, Australia and New Zealand. “The Taubmans brand is boldly enabling everyone to create their own bespoke paint colours. We are empowering people who love colour to trust their own instincts, be inspired and surround themselves with the colours they love.”

Research reveals that consumers visit in-store paint colour walls an average of seven times before choosing paint colours for a project+. The Coloursmith technology simplifies and reduces the steps to paint colour selection, using the familiar functionality and convenience of an e-commerce-enabled website and smartphone app.

“We have combined brilliant technology, premium paint and rich personalisation to enable people to create personally unique and meaningful colours,” explains Rachel Lacy, chief coloursmith, Taubmans Australia. “There’s no more second-guessing your hero hue or labouring over the ‘right’ white or neutral. The Coloursmith technology generates a range of colour combinations to match every created paint colour, empowering users to choose the combination they like best.”

A Coloursmith in-store service is also available at the paint counter in all Bunnings, BRISTOL® and Taubmans stores across Australia, where sample pots and tins of the bespoke paint colours can be purchased in standard sizes.

The Taubmans paint brand by PPG is renowned for driving innovation in the Australian paint industry. In 2018, the brand pioneered the first Taubmans Colour Emotion Study**, which was conducted in collaboration with the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, to scientifically prove the connection between colour and mood using virtual reality. Through the Coloursmith technology, Taubmans paint by PPG has again revolutionised the way people interact with and experience colour while also delivering an entirely new, customer-centric solution to paint colour selection. In addition, the brand continues to invest in its colour formulation processes and equipment to uphold the highest paint colour creation standards.

Source: PPG


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