Superior performance without side effects? This defoamer makes it happen!

  • Unique combination of strength and compatibility
  • Suitable for food packaging
  • Good shear resistance and long-lasting effectiveness

There is usually one iron rule with regards to the development of defoamers for paints and coatings: The stronger the defoaming strength, the higher the incompatibility – and therefore the risk of surface defects such as craters.

This relationship between effectiveness and compatibility is linear for defoamers, turning new product development into a balancing act. The question must always be addressed: Which is more important – effectiveness or compatibility? Increasing one sacrifices the other, which is why the use of any defoamer needs to be carefully assessed.

But with knowledge and new insights, even seemingly rigid rules can be overcome – and that’s exactly what Evonik’s Coating Additives Business Line has done. The novel defoamer TEGO® Foamex 852 provides a unique combination of effectiveness and compatibility, offered by no other product on the market. This new, patent-pending technology offers formulators a new level of freedom: You’ve achieved the desired compatibility, but are you still experiencing excessive foaming? TEGO® Foamex 852 provides the critical additional defoaming strength you need – and remains just as compatible.

The new defoamer was specifically developed for printing ink application, and can be used to successfully meet Swiss A, FDA and China GB guidelines. TEGO® Foamex 852 is a siloxane-based defoamer for waterborne formulations, is 100 % active and thereby also solvent-free. Further product benefits include: excellent shear stability and long-term effectiveness, which is particularly relevant for long print runs or if the printing ink must be stored for long periods. Processing is also simple and flexible: The defoamer can be added at any stage of the printing ink manufacturing process.

Source: Evonik

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