Dow to introduce new silicone additives for high performance waterborne wood coatings

Dow to introduce new silicone additives for high performance waterborne wood coatings

Dow, the world’s leading materials science company, introduces three new-generation performance additives based on silicone chemistry supporting high durability, longer-lasting, more sustainable waterborne wood coatings.

“The most sustainable re-coat is the one you don’t need. Today we introduce three silicone additives that help coating formulators combine key performances required to protect and preserve the aesthetics of wood over a longer time, while meeting increasingly stringent regulatory requirements,” said Isabelle Riff, marketing manager for silicone coating additives at Dow. “As consumers continue to vote in wood as a sustainable, comfortable and aesthetic material for construction, furniture and interiors, the demand for innovative, high-performance and sustainable wood coating formulations continues to grow around the world.”

DOWSIL™ 211S Additive is a novel low-cyclic, ultra-high molecular weight silicone delivered in a waterborne system that enhances mar resistance, slip and block resistance performance thereby helping to enable more durable, longer-lasting wood coatings. It also offers high compatibility, solvent dilution, and performs at very low dosage which are essential features for coating formulators.

DOWSIL™ 107F Additive is a low-cyclic silicone foam control agent with high effectiveness in waterborne acrylic clear wood coating varnishes, and acrylic, styrene acrylic and VAE emulsion paint for architectural wall coatings. It reduces defects and microbubbles in the coating film, thereby enhancing the durability of the substrate protection provided by the coating. It also has an excellent environmental and health profile which makes it suitable for the formulation of EU Ecolabel compliant indoor and outdoor paints and varnishes following the criteria set out in decision 2014/312/EU.

DOWSIL™ 402LS Additive is a silicone additive which reduces the coefficient of friction of wood coatings, and offers blocking resistance, while improving the flow and levelling properties for the formulation. It performs at very low levels and exhibit a favorable environmental and health profile: it contains no solvent, no benzene, toluene, xylene, and meets European food contact regulations1.

Source: Dow




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