BYK-3938 P: a highly innovative, post-add additive for matting powder coatings – label-free

The matting of powder coatings constitutes a particular challenge for the coating industry. In contrast to liquid coatings, only minimum shrinkage occurs during the baking process, meaning that conventional matting is not possible with powder coatings. 

In order to achieve a matt finish, it is possible to reduce the gloss by mixing various binders that are incompatible with each other; alternatively, the incompatibility of binders and special hardeners is used for matting. However, some hardeners are subject to labeling. This ultimately results in labeling of the powder coatings. 

By contrast, the new BYK-3938 P represents a fully new approach, offering an extremely user friendly, label-free alternative for the matting of powder coatings. The additive is available in powder form and can easily be added to the finished powder coating in the pre-defined quantity.

Easy post-addition of BYK-3938 P

The degree of gloss reduction depends on the dosage. The use of BYK-3938 P therefore makes it possible to cover a wide range of applications according to individual requirements, from a few gloss units for adjustment during quality control through to deep-matt surfaces for decorative applications.

Source: BYK



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