BASF to raise prices in North America for diols, polyetheramines, performance additives

BASF has announced price increases for diols, formulation and performance additives, and select polyetheramines in North America.

The company says it will raise its price effective 1 October or as contracts allow for 1,4-butanediol (BDO) by $0.14 per pound (lb), with derivatives gamma-butyrolactone, n-methylpyrrolidone, tetrahydrofuran, 2-pyrrolidone, n-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2-pyrrolidone (HEP), and n-octyl-2-pyrrolidone to be hiked by $0.15/lb. Polytetramethylene ether glycol will rise by a nominated $0.18/lb. BDO and its derivatives are used for producing engineering plastics, polyurethanes, pharmaceuticals, solvents, and elastic spandex fibers.

BASF says it will also implement a price rise of $0.15/lb., effective 1 October or as existing contracts permit, for dimethylaminopropylamine, a starting material for betaines, used to produce liquid soaps, shampoos, dyes, lubricant additives, and as adhesion promoters for rubber.

In addition, it will raise nominated prices for select Baxxodur-brand polyetheramines as of 1 October or as agreements allow by $0.19–0.24/lb. The curing agents are used in applications for epoxy resins, coating, and sealing.

BASF also says its formulation and performance additives business will increase prices for its product line as of 15 September due to “continued and rapid escalation of raw material costs, their availability, packaging costs, and increased manufacturing and transportation costs.” The rise is needed to provide continued service, support, and sustainable product manufacturing for its customers, it says. The specific increases were not given. 

Source: BASF



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