Hexion to Introduce “VeoVa House” Virtual Showroom to Highlight Versatility of VeoVa™ Monomers

Manufacturers of polymeric binders, coatings, adhesives and concrete additives looking to improve the performance and sustainability of their products have a new, easy-to-navigate online platform to browse and request information and support. Designed like a contemporary home, Hexion’s virtual VeoVa House (, which launches today, features call-outs to VeoVa vinyl ester applications, advantages, data sheets and other customer resources.

VeoVa monomers are the vinyl esters of Versatic™ acids and have unique, highly branched aliphatic structures, which contribute to the performance of coatings and adhesives derived from them. VeoVa monomers can be used in a variety of emulsions to improve resistance to water, alkali, UV light, and scrubbing, resulting in coatings, adhesives and other construction materials that are more durable, easier to work with, lower in odor and with a better appearance.

“VeoVa monomers have been used for decades in combination with other monomers to create lattices or emulsions that provide improved properties to emulsion paints, plasters and other products. Close cooperation is key for successful innovation. Our research and development and technical service teams play an important role in assisting binder and paint producers in designing unique, tailor-made solutions,” says David Vanaken, Global Technical and Marketing Director. “The pandemic has driven us to accelerate what we can offer and accomplish in the digital space, and we created the VeoVa house to highlight the advantages of our products across a range of construction applications.”

Specific sections of the site address the use of VeoVa vinyl esters in:

  • Exterior paints
  • Interior paints
  • Wood coatings and adhesives
  • Roof coatings
  • Concrete admixtures
  • Waterproofing films and sealers

Source: Hexion



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