IGM Resins to announce the launch of new sustainability brand: PureLine™!

IGM Resins announce the launch of new sustainability brand: PureLine™! PureLine™ is the home for all the IGM Resins products that contribute to customer’s sustainability goals.

As such, the PureLine™ brand is also one of the key pillars of sustainability strategy, through which IGM resins aim to help the UV industry shape a better future for the generations to come.

Some examples of key elements that could be included in PureLine™ portfolio in the future are: 

  1. Improving the carbon footprint of products by using sustainable raw materials and processes.
  2. Waste and energy reduction by using planet’s valuable resources responsibly and optimizing our energy efficiency and water consumption.
  3. Responsible management of harmful substances, for example by ensuring they don’t end up in our environment and by eliminating non-intentional substances such as PCBs.

 Take a look at new PureLine product guide 




Source: IGM resins

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