Sun Chemical Advances Digital Color Innovation on its PigmentViewer App with New Lumina® Royal Sparkling Blue

Sun Chemical continues to build its color library with its mobile-based application, PigmentViewer App, featuring the company’s newest launch, Lumina® Royal Sparkling Blue, a high chroma, blue-shade effect pigment with intense color. It joins the popular Lumina® Royal family of products, all of which are included in PigmentViewer App’s comprehensive color library.

PigmentViewer App is built on virtual renderings that capture the whole appearance potential of a pigment, enabling the designer to evaluate the color “panel” in a digital format. In this case, the “panel” is replaced by the smartphone or e-tablet display.

Visualization of the color from different angles may be achieved by changing the angle of the device relative to the viewer. The viewer needs only treat the device as if it were a conventional panel or sample, and with regular movement, the digital pigment application creates color travel as one would observe in a real-life physical environment.

In addition to viewing individual effect pigments from the company’s comprehensive portfolio, PigmentViewer App also offers the option to compare two pigments side by side on one screen, improving upon the traditional method of evaluating one panel at a time.

Delivering exceptional chromaticity and unmatched lightness, Lumina® Royal Sparkling Blue joins the comprehensive effect pigment portfolio of products in PigmentViewer App. The effect pigment can be used to create vibrant new colors and styling options throughout the aqua to violet color areas.

Similar to the Lumina® Royal family’s most recent additions such as Lumina® Royal Blue Russet or Lumina® Royal Sienna, Lumina® Royal Sparkling Blue provides strong sparkle to achieve an attractive eye-catching appearance. It provides broad suitability across many applications, including automotive, industrial, and packaging.



Source: Sun Chemical

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