IFF to Showcase Renewable Industrial Solutions and Polymer Portfolio at American Coatings Show

IFF’s Industrial Solutions will bring its deep technical expertise, commitment to quality and broad portfolio of renewable polymers to the American Coatings Show (ACS) for the first time on April 5-7.

At booth 1054, attendees can collaborate with IFF on customized, environmentally-friendly solutions to address their coating and printing ink formulation and manufacturing challenges. The solutions include how to potentially improve coating functionality, increase savings and improve worker safety – while supporting sustainable and bio-based paint trends. 

On April 5 and 6, 12.20 p.m. ET, attendees can hear from Hui Yang, principle investigator and Jason Folkenroth, research scientist, present on Lattice® NTC at the Product Presentation section of the show. Both speakers from IFF will share deeper insights into formulating bio-based paint formulations, while ensuring optimal formulation stability.

Formulation and product experts will be at booth 1054 to share more about IFF’s specialized polymer portfolio, which features natural, renewable stabilizers and suspending agents, including:

  • Lattice® NTC Colloidal Microcrystalline cellulose which improves poorly stabilized formulations with limited impact on viscosity and enables bio-based paint formulations and non-toxic, odorless coating formulations with long shelf stability.
  • WALSRODER™ Nitrocellulose for wood coatings, varnishes and printing inks that potentially improves worker safety and increases savings via higher output and efficiency.
  • ETHOCEL™ Ethylcellulose, a thickener and binder for solvent-based paints, wood coatings and printing inks, which enables predictable performance.
  • TEXTURECEL™ Carboxymethylcellulose, a thickener and binder in water-based paints.
  • METHOCEL™ Cellulose Ethers, a key formulation component in paint removers.

“Our passion to help design and optimize sustainable formulations, backed by our polymer expertise and commitment to quality, has driven us to provide novel and greener alternatives to customers across a variety of industries,” said Christophe Massip, global marketing director, Industrials, IFF.

“We’re excited to showcase our exceptionally-performing polymers and expertise in coatings at ACS for the first time, to continue equipping customers with the solutions they need, so they can confidently do what they do best,” he added.




Source: IFF

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