LANXESS increases prices for inorganic pigments

The fields of application for synthetic iron and chromium oxide pigments from specialty chemicals company LANXESS are broad. Bayferrox and Colortherm are the main product groups used for coloration in the construction, paints and coatings and plastics industry. These high-tinting-strength inorganic pigments are produced according to strict sustainability criteria. Photo: LANXESS AG

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is imposing global price surcharges for its inorganic pigments with immediate effect. Prices will rise by EUR 400 per metric ton for iron oxide pigments from the production site in Krefeld-Uerdingen, Germany, and EUR 200 from the Porto Feliz site in Brazil – or the equivalent amount in national currency. In addition, the Inorganic Pigments business unit is also adjusting the quotations for chromium oxides. Customers will be contacted individually.

The reasons for the adjustments are, in particular, unprecedented challenges with a significant impact on production and logistics. Compared with the previous year, energy prices are at a significantly higher level and are expected to remain high and volatile for the rest of the year, not least as a result of the war in Ukraine. Enormous shortages and cost increases for raw materials and freight capacities are additional burdening factors.

The LANXESS Inorganic Pigments business unit is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of synthetic iron oxides and a leading producer of inorganic chrome oxides. These products have a track record going back many decades as colorants for building materials, paints and coatings, plastics, paper and other applications. These high-tinting-strength inorganic pigments are produced according to strict sustainability criteria.





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