LANXESS: strong start into the year – first quarter 2022 expected to exceed market expectations

  • Sales expected to increase by 44 percent compared to prior-year quarter
  • Expected sales of EUR 2.432 billion exceed average market expectations by 8.5 percent
  • Growth of EBITDA pre exceptionals of 32 percent expected compared to prior-year quarter
  • Expected EBITDA pre exceptionals of EUR 320 million around 7 percent above average market expectations

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS expects both EBITDA pre exceptionals and sales for Q1 2022 to be significantly above average market expectations and the prior-year result.

EBITDA pre exceptionals for Q1 2022 is expected to be EUR 320 million, exceeding average market expectations of EUR 300 million by around 7 percent.

Sales for Q1 2022 are expected to be EUR 2.432 billion, exceeding average market expectations of EUR 2.241 billion by 8.5 percent.

LANXESS CEO Matthias Zachert said, “The realignment of LANXESS is proving its worth, especially in difficult times. Demand for our high-margin specialty chemicals products remains high now. This course makes us less vulnerable to global fluctuations in demand. Nevertheless, given the geopolitical uncertainties, we remain very vigilant for the rest of the year.”

In the prior-year quarter, LANXESS achieved sales of EUR 1.693 billion and EBITDA pre exceptionals of EUR 242 million. The expected sales for the first quarter of 2022 thus represent an increase of 44 percent over the prior-year quarter; the EBITDA pre exceptionals expected for Q1 2022 is 32 percent higher than in the prior-year quarter.

LANXESS will report its final results for Q1 2022 on May 5, 2022. All figures in this release are preliminary and unaudited.





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