Stahl Polymers launches Relca® PD-805 matting resin to tackle environmental and supply-chain challenges

Stahl Polymers launches Relca® PD-805 matting resin to tackle environmental and supply-chain challenges

Stahl, an active proponent of responsible chemistry, has introduced a new, water-based, and additive-free matting resin, Relca® PD-805, to its Relca® Matt Binders portfolio. The 100% clean, VOC-free solution is targeted at paint and coating and printing and packaging markets, providing a safe, affordable, and high-quality matting performance for wood, metal, plastic, and glass. In this way, Relca® PD-805 helps customers to achieve regulatory and environmental compliance while also ensuring a superior matte finish.

In contrast to traditional matting solutions, which use additives to lower the gloss level for paints, coatings, or inks, Relca® PD-805 is a water-based resin, meaning it can achieve a quality matte finish without the use of added matting agents. This, and the fact that Stahl’s solution is free from other additives, including formaldehyde, amines, solvents, and heavy metals, makes the product less sensitive to current supply-chain volatility and steep rises in the price of raw materials.

In addition to its superior matting efficiency, Relca® PD-805 delivers a high level of thermal and chemical resistance, superior anti-blocking, anti-fingerprint, wetting abilities and improved abrasion resistance compared with current market alternatives. For end-users, this means tougher, more durable coatings that last longer, with no compromise on finish. Moreover, the formulation of Relca® PD-805 is also more stable than standard matting agents, meaning it has a longer shelf life and experiences fewer separation and sedimentation issues during transport and storage.

A future-focused approach to better coatings solutions
Stahl believes in the power of innovation to respond to customer demand and changes in the paints and coatings marketplace. With increasingly stringent legislation around the use of solvents in the paints and coatings industry, as well as growing supply chain uncertainty, new solutions are needed to ensure coatings are both environmentally friendly and affordable.

In line with our commitment to sustainable development and responsible chemistry, we are helping to advance the transition to water-based coating technologies,” says Raymond Bakker, Global Business Director of Stahl Polymers. “Based on rigorous performance testing, our Relca® PD-805 resin shows clear advantages in a number of key areas compared with conventional matting agents like silica. The fact it is free from additives also means it is less harmful to health and the environment, and more resistant to rising raw material costs. With this new technology, we can help our customers to make cost-effective decisions that also help protect our planet. For us, water-based resins are the future of coatings solutions.




Source: Stahl

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