ECKART Releases METALURE C Series of VMP Pigments

ECKART Releases METALURE C Series of VMP Pigments

METALURE® C, the new series of VMP (PVD) pigments by ECKART, constitutes a new level of chrome optics. The pigments create a real mirror effect with a superior clarity of image. In addition, they provide brilliant gloss plus ultimately smooth and uniform finish. The light to dark mirror effects of the resulting surfaces are comparable with metallized substrates. Therefore, METALURE® C can be used to replace electroplating processes.

The eight dispersions are designed for solvent-based systems and characterized by their sophisticated particle sizing technology. METALURE® C is suited to coatings for consumer electronics and to automotive trim (interior and exterior). The pigments can also be used in flexographic and gravure printing inks. In these applications they provide perfect mirror optics with no haze and an outstanding clarity of image.




Source: ECKART

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