Allnex announces to turn its alkyd product line more sustainable by using mass balanced, biobased penta in all its alkyds in EMEA

  • The transition to the use of partially, mass balanced, biobased pentaerythritol in all alkyds produced at our European facilities is  expected in the second quarter of this year
  • The transition reflects allnex clear commitment to sustainability
  • Industry’s first move to a voluntary consumption without performance compromise

allnex, a leading supplier of resins for sustainable coatings solutions, announces that as part of Environmental Sustainability Governance Program, the Liquid Resins & Additives (LRA) business line will switch to the use of partially, mass balanced, biobased pentaerythritol in all alkyds produced at our European sites in the second quarter of this year.

This deliberate decision will increase the bio-content of industry-leading water borne and solvent borne alkyds sold under the allnex RESYDROL®, SETAL®, SETAQUA® brand names by 25%, which reflects our company’s clear commitment to the sustainable development. This additional bio-content will increase the relatively high bio-content of alkyds, and the total bio-content of some products will exceed 60%.

By making this transition, our customers will automatically move their resin offerings in a more sustainable direction, allowing them to offer environmentally friendly coatings. These bio-enhanced alkyds represent the industry’s first transition to a voluntary offering from a resin manufacturer, not only at the same price, but without the inconvenience of lab reformulations and testing or performance compromise.

As a result of this transition, allnex expect to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 1 kiloton per year.

“With this step we are making our alkyds more environmental friendly, it is a clear example of the leading role allnex plays in making the coatings industry more sustainable” , says  Ruben Mannien, Executive Vice President Liquid Resins and Additives.

“This conscious decision to transition to a feedstock with higher bio content is an important step as it should create a ripple effect with our customer’s and theirs, for new promotional ideas and opportunities for their now greener coatings, collectively moving our industry into a more sustainable direction”, comments Robert Skarvan, Global Marketing Director Liquid Resins and Additives.




Source: allnex

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