Evonik introduces TEGO® Dispers 658 sustainable dispersing additive

Evonik introduces TEGO® Dispers 658 sustainable dispersing additive

  • Evonik Coating Additives’ new TEGO® Dispers 658 offers improved sustainability and similar performance to the market standard TEGO® Dispers 650
  • Latest TEGO dispersing additive is readily biodegradable and gentle on aquatic organisms

Evonik has launched its new sustainable dispersing additive, TEGO® Dispers 658. The latest TEGO® dispersing agent in the portfolio is readily biodegradable so improves the sustainability of pigment and colored coatings production, while at the same time offers formulators a similar high performance profile to other comparable Evonik products.

“Our new dispersing additives from the TEGO® Dispers 65x series are extremely popular with our customers,” said Frank Kleinsteinberg, head of Application Technology Pigment Concentrates. “When used in universal pastes, they are characterized by high pigment stabilization reliability and maximum flexibility: From use in waterborne wall paints to the formulation of high-solids door coatings, everything is possible. With TEGO® Dispers 658, we now have a product that minimizes the potential impact on aquatic organisms while maintaining the same performance which enables our customers to develop new product families that are already geared to future standards.”

Dispersing additives are important raw materials for the production of pigmented coatings and pigment concentrates as intermediates for colored coatings. They provide, for example, the viscosity reduction necessary to achieve high pigment contents. Dispersing additives help to stabilize the particles after the dispersion process over the long-term and maintain high color intensity. Thanks to their trouble-free compatibility when combining different pigment concentrates, and their applicability in a wide variety of base coats, they enable a wide range of color shades to be produced efficiently.

“Our customers are striving for efficiency so they want to streamline their raw material world and make it more sustainable, without having to make costly adjustments to their manufacturing processes. TEGO® Dispers 658 offers them a good option for reformulating paints and coatings at low cost as part of a more ecologically compatible product innovation,” said Nadia Lenhardt, head of the Decorative Coatings market segment in Europe.

With TEGO® Dispers as well as ZETASPERSE® and CARBOWET®, Evonik Coating Additives offers a comprehensive product family for all applications in coatings and printing inks. The wetting and dispersing additives enable the formulation of waterborne, solventborne or solvent-free, and UV-curing pigment concentrates and coatings with the entire portfolio of commercially available pigments, fillers, and matting agents.





Source: Evonik

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