Clariant’s new Dispersogen® Flex 100: now the only choice for superior and sustainable pigment preparations

  • Universal dispersing agent for organic and inorganic pigment preparations
  • 100% active with ultimate flexibility from pigment concentrates to color paints
  • Low VOC and label free with Clariant’s prestigious EcoTain® label

Clariant, a leading global provider of specialty chemicals, has launched its first universal polymeric dispersing agent for high quality pigment preparations that can incorporate organic and inorganic pigments and can be used for all types of water-based paint systems. In addition, waterborne pigment preparations with Dispersogen Flex 100 can also be compatible with solvent-borne base paint systems.

The new, universal solution gives pigment paste producers, and paint producers who also produce pigment pastes, an innovative, multifunctional and easy to use additive, “Dispersogen Flex 100 is a fully universal product which is low VOC, label free and carries Clariant’s EcoTain label,“ said Fabio Caravieri, Head of Marketing Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties.

“With Dispersogen Flex 100, there is no longer any need to choose. This advanced dispersing agent offers ultimate flexibility when making and using pigment concentrates to color paints,” said Hermann Bach, Clariant’s Head of Strategic Marketing & Innovation Industrial & Consumer Specialties.

The launch of the advanced Dispersogen Flex 100 is part of Clariant’s drive to move its product portfolio towards increased sustainability, harnessing its innovation capabilities to develop safer, sustainable alternatives for the market. It is available in paints and coatings markets globally.




Source: Clariant

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