PPG to highlight PPG ENVIROCRON HeatSense powder coating for heat-sensitive substrates at International Woodworking Fair

PPG to highlight PPG ENVIROCRON HeatSense powder coating for heat-sensitive substrates at International Woodworking Fair

PPG announced that it will showcase its patent-pending PPG ENVIROCRON™ HeatSense low-temperature-cure powder coating for wood and heat-sensitive substrates at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta, Georgia, August 23-26.

Engineered to complement the latest advancements in low-temperature cure technology, PPG Envirocron HeatSense powder coating overcomes the traditional barriers of powder application on wood substrates, such as low conductivity, warping and variations in moisture content.

“This innovation represents significant opportunities for makers of cabinetry, casework, furniture and building products,” said Shelley Verdun, PPG business manager, powder, Industrial Coatings. “The coating allows them to capitalize on the sustainability and durability advantages of powder while gaining expanded design capabilities.”

Used as a one- or two-coat process, PPG Envirocron HeatSense powder coating cures in a convection or infrared oven with temperatures as low as 250° F to 325° F (121° C to 163° C) and cure times as short as five minutes, compared to standard powders that generally require 350° F to 400° F (177° C to 204° C) and 10 to 15 minutes to cure.

PPG Envirocron HeatSense coating is ideal for use on wood and wood-composites, including medium-density fiberboard (MDF), high-density fiberboard (HDF), oriented strand board and plywood. The coating is specifically formulated without volatile organic compounds and can be reclaimed and recycled.

Unlike common edge-banded products, PPG Envirocron HeatSense powder coating provides a seamless finish that results in a durable and effective barrier against moisture, ultraviolet light, heat and dirt with proper application and curing.

Beyond performance protection, PPG Envirocron HeatSense coating offers design options not possible with laminated products, including premium looks that mimic stone, marble and granite through a sublimation process.

PPG Envirocron HeatSense powder is specifically formulated without volatile organic compounds, requires less energy for curing and can be reclaimed and recycled, making it an attractive technology for companies seeking more sustainable solutions.

Visitors are invited to the PPG booth (BC912) at IWF to learn more about PPG Envirocron HeatSense powder coating, see product samples and receive a discount coupon for powder coating orders placed through the company’s powder ecommerce site.

Representatives from PPG’s industrial coatings business will be participating in IWF’s all-day educational symposium on Aug. 22. Scott Persyn, PPG business development manager, powder on wood/heat sensitive substrates, and Jeno Muthiah, PPG director of product development for heat sensitive substrates, are presenters in the “Powder Coating for Wood Substrates: A Proven, Sustainable Solution” session, which is sponsored by the Powder Coating Institute.





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