Eckart’s new zinc flake pigments provide sustainability and cost savings for heavy-duty corrosion protection

Revised norms and regulations allow the use of zinc flake pigments: attractive price performance-ratio, better corrosion protection
•    New ProFlake® Zn 3000: optimized for sustainable corrosion protective paint systems and excellent performance characteristics

A recent revision of DIN 12944 and also AMPP (formerly SSPC) with newly generated Paint 29 allow the formulation of compliant, performance-based corrosion protective paints. Thus, there is now more flexibility in formulation compared to the former mandatory use of zinc rich primers.

With the new ProFlake® Zn 3000 zinc flake pigment, ECKART responds to that change by providing a product solution that allows for significantly lower zinc content in formulations – a key for more sustainable corrosion protective formulations for heavy duty, including a greatly reduced CO2 footprint compared to currently applied corrosion protective paints.

The percolation between these zinc flakes as well as their additional barrier layer formation ensures ideal corrosion protection, providing a clear advantage over zinc rich primers. 

Other technical benefits are simple handling and application of the ProFlake® Zn 3000 zinc flake based paint as well as its limited settlement properties. 

Lean production processes of ProFlake® Zn 3000 guarantee an attractive price-performance ratio. The new 31 µm (D50) product is ideally suited for use in marine, ship or bridge construction coatings, among others.

Source: Eckart





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