Evonik partners with new distributors for VESTENAMER® and VESTOSINT® high-performance materials

Evonik partners with new distributors for VESTENAMER® and VESTOSINT® high-performance materials

  • Biesterfeld Performance Rubber GmbH will handle distribution of VESTENAMER® in the EMEA region
  • TER Chemicals distributes VESTOSINT® in the EMEA region
  • New partnerships will ensure flexible and reliable distribution

Evonik is working with two new partners to distribute the groups high-performance polymers. Since October 1, 2022, TER Chemicals already took over the distribution of VESTOSINT® polyamide 12 powders across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and effective November 1, 2022, Biesterfeld Performance Rubber GmbH handles the distribution of VESTENAMER® rubber additive in the EMEA region (except Italy). 

“We are very pleased to have TER Chemicals and Biesterfeld Performance Rubber as reliable partners who have intact and flexible supply chains, and a strong customer focus for our high-performance materials. The new partnerships are intended to increase the product availability in relevant industrial markets such as metal coating, lacquer and paint formulations as well as rubber recycling,” says Dr. Peter Hannen, Head of the Powders and Specialties Market Segment at Evonik.   

According to the signed distribution agreements between Evonik and TER Chemicals and Biesterfeld Performance Rubber, at the respective effective dates, Evonik’s customers will receive their VESTOSINT® and VESTENAMER® high-performance materials with exactly the same quality and specifications as before. Additionally, the agreements also let Evonik customers enjoy service offers from the new distribution partners.

TER Chemicals Distribution Group is a global distributor of specialty chemicals with 21 locations and annual sales of EUR 350 million. The product portfolio ranges from additives for various applications, binders, dispersions and plastics to resins, fillers and pigments.
Biesterfeld Performance Rubber is a business unit of the Biesterfeld Group, which is one of the leading international distributors of plastics, rubbers and specialty chemicals. Founded in 1906 as a trading and service company, today it employs more than 1,000 employees at over 50 locations worldwide and generates in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa generate annual sales of EUR 1.4 billion (FY 2021). The fully family-owned group includes the business units Biesterfeld Plastic, Biesterfeld Performance Rubber and Biesterfeld Specialty Chemicals.

Evonik has been producing high-performance polymers for more than 50 years and is known for its expertise in powder technology. VESTOSINT® high-performance powders are used in demanding powder coating applications as well as in lacquer and paint formulations. They are produced in a special process and are characterized, among other things, by a special morphology. This makes Evonik’s PA12 powders particularly suitable for coating metals or producing fiber composites. Furthermore, the VESTOSINT® fine powders are also used as additives to improve the properties of coatings.

VESTENAMER® rubber additive has been used in the rubber industry for many years. The world’s most versatile polyoctenamer can solve a number of challenges in the compounding and processing of rubber. It can improve the dynamic properties of vulcanizate and can be used, among other things, to recycle old rubber.

Source: Evonik